Prepare to scream as we have The Zombie Paintball Ride, The Barn of Torture and House of Hell!  3 haunted attractions you do not want to miss. Plus, music food and merchandise. Come visit the scariest haunted house, 301 Devils Playground in Galena, Maryland.

If you are looking for the scariest haunted attractions in Maryland, 301 Devils Playground has 2 terrifying haunted attractions that will bring your fears to life.

Walk thru BOTH attractions with a glow stick...if you were scared with the lights on, you haven't seen nothing yet!


Now looking for new recruits to take a ride on an actual Army Truck as it takes you through an Army compound that has been taken over by zombies!


We need your help to shoot the zombies, taking them out before they take you! Remember the way to kill the zombies is to shoot them!


Aim for their heads and that will kill them for sure.



Local twin boys were hired by the judge to manage the farm. These boys had been in a fire at age 7 and were burned badly on their faces.


The locals would make fun of them so bad, that the mother kept them locked up in their basement. But the judge looked passed their disfigured faces and let them help on the farm. It was said that the judge would use the boys to help him find rich victims and bring them back to the farm so he could skin them alive.


Sometimes their skin wasn't what he was looking for so those victims were left for the boys to torture by cutting them up or burning them…Some of the locals still say today that you can hear screams and weird noises coming from the farm….

There was a well known judge from up state that got caught taking payoffs from criminals. One Criminal he let go was a mass murderer who preyed on the rich and skinned all of his victims alive.


One October night the killer captured the judges wife Mary. Skinned her alive and bought her back to her home, leaving her on the step for the judge to discover in the morning. Soon after his wife's death the judge went crazy. He sold his home and purchased an old farm in Galena Maryland, where he would live for the rest of his life along with his loving wife Mary's body. Some of the locals say he buried her on the farm and some say he keeps her in the house. It's still a mystery to this day. In October 1972 the judge was accused of kidnapping a Delaware Women, the story goes that he is looking for human

skin to put on his loving wife Mary's body…

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